Centralised Explosives Licensing And Management System


Get Your Licence

You only have to fill in the online application form and follow the payment instruction to get your licence. You can handle all the procedures online.

Fast Form Filling

All the application forms are ready online. You can simply choose the suitable one and fill in all the fields to submit your application.

Check Your Application status

You only need the application number to check the specific application status online.

Pay anywhere

You can pay via e-banking services, GDN, e-cheque, etc.


Online Application Forms

Online submission of application, self printing of permit / licence / certificate, and online application status enquiry etc.

PDF Application Forms

Forms for Conveyance Permit, Store and Use Licence for Schedule 1 Dangerous Goods, MBC and Authorization to Use Explosives, etc.


Payment method for permit / licence / certificate by General Demand Note (GDN)

e-Cheque Payment

Upload your e-Cheque to pay.

General Demand Note (GDN) Enquiry

Enquiry on the due date and outstanding amount of the GDN.

CELIMS Support Hotline

Tel: 3842 7212 Fax: 2714 0193 Email: mines.celims@cedd.gov.hk Office hour: Monday to Friday 9am - 12nn; 2pm - 4pm